Our Process 

It's your decision who repairs your car, not an insurance company. 
You should be able to trust the person repairing your vehicle.
We consider our customers our family.  We repair your car like our kids are sitting in the back seat.
  1. 1. Writing your Estimate
    An Estimator will inspect and document all damage.
  2. 2. Authorization is Given
    Before any work can begin the owner of the vehicle must sign a repair authorization allowing repairs to be made. Contact will be made to the insurance company if they are paying for repairs.
  3. 3. Repairs are Scheduled
    We always do our best in working around your schedule to make sure we can get your vehicle in for repairs as soon as possible.
  4. 4. Parts are Ordered and Received
    We try to have all parts ordered and on hand when you bring your vehicle in for repairs.
  5. 5. Vehicle Disassembled
    Your vehicle will be disassembled and inspected for additional damage. Any damage will be documented and reported to the owner and the insurance company as a supplement to the original estimate, for approval.
  6. 6. Additional Parts Ordered if Necessary
    Any additional parts needed will be ordered.
  1. 7. Body Repairs
    Repair Technicians will perform any body repairs to all manufacturer's specifications
  2. 8. Check for Quality
    After the repair is complete our production manager performs a quality check.
  3. 9. Vehicle Prepped and Primed
    Refinish Technicians prepare your vehicle for paint
  4. 10. Painting
    Your vehicle is masked, taped, cleaned, and placed in our paint booth for refinishing. Our paint system is the same type used by your vehicle manufacturer to ensure a quality finish that we warranty as long as you own your vehicle.
  5. 11. Reassembly
    Once painting is completed we reassemble with all the hardware and outer parts.
  6. 12. Additional Repairs
    Any wheel alignments, or additional mechanical work will be performed.
  1. 13. Quality Check
    Your vehicle will be re-inspected and test driven at this time.
  2. 14. Detail and Final Inspection
    Your vehicle will be cleaned and polished inside and out for a quality inspection.
  3. 15. Customer is Contacted
    A customer care specialist will contact you scheduling a pickup time for your vehicle.
Tips for maintaining your new paint
Paint Tips