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    What do I do after an auto accident?
    Get the name of the person driving the other vehicle along with their phone number, driver's license, vehicle license, insurance information. If you have a camera, take pictures. Remember the location, date and time. Contact your preferred repair facility of choice to have them tow your vehicle, if needed. If you need alternative transportation, we can set up rental service for you. Contact the insurance company responsible and let them know where the vehicle is or where it is going and ask for a claim number.
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    Do I need three estimates?
    No, you are free to get as many estimates as you want, but it is not necessary. Your only obligation is to chose the repair shop you want to take your vehicle for repairs.
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    Am I required to notify my insurance company before repairs begin on my vehicle?
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    What should I look for when choosing a repair facility?
    Referrals from satisfied customers. Repair shops that warranty their work.
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    What should I do if my insurance refers me somewhere else?
    Where you have YOUR vehicle repaired is YOUR choice. An insurance company cannot force you to use a certain repair shop. Forcing you is illegal and called "steering". Meaning they try to push you where they want you to go because they get a price break, and not always the best repairs.
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    What if the insurance company refuses to work with the repair facility I choose
    An insurance company CANNOT refuse to work with the facility you choose.
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    Who is responsible for payment?
    You, your insurance company, and the other party's insurance company are responsible. Depending on the situation.
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    Do I have to pay for a rental car?
    Check with your insurance company and see if you have rental car coverage.
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    When is my deductible due and how do I know how much it is?
    Your deductible is due upon pickup of your vehicle. Your insurance adjuster will tell you how much you owe, if you do not already know.
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    How long will my repairs take?
    That depends on the damage to your vehicle. After we do your estimate, we can let you know how long we think the repairs will take.
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    Are there any precautions I should take with my new paint finish?
    View the PDF below for preventative maintenance